Leafy Greens

Taste the difference freshness makes. Our product is far more nutritious than imported greens, can last weeks in the fridge, and actually has a taste! (you’ll see what we mean)
Our products are grown in Mt Pearl and delivered straight to your door. 

**Orders will be placed for the next available harvest day (Tuesdays and Fridays), orders placed after 12:00 noon on either day, will be placed for the next harvest day. **

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Supporting local food security and
sustainability has never tasted so good!

**Subscriptions are getting low as winter approaches, sign-ups may be subject to delay before the first delivery as we ramp up production** Pricing subject to review quarterly

Green Farm Box


Get greens delivered weekly, all year round!

Leafy Greens & Micro


Two portion of greens and two portions of Microgreens

Microgreen Gold


A Weekly delivery of various microgreens!

Microgreen Silver


A Weekly delivery of 3 microgreens


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