Sick of poor quality, dried herbs at the grocery store? We’ve got fresh herbs all year round. Taste the difference local makes!
Our products are grown in Mt Pearl and delivered straight to your door. 

**Orders will be placed for the next available harvest day (Tuesdays and Fridays), orders placed after 12:00 noon on either day, will be placed for the next harvest day. **

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Supporting local food security and
sustainability has never tasted so good!

**Subscriptions are getting low as winter approaches, sign-ups may be subject to delay before the first delivery as we ramp up production** Pricing subject to review quarterly

Green Farm Box


Get greens delivered weekly, all year round!

Leafy Greens & Micro


Two portion of greens and two portions of Microgreens

Microgreen Gold


A Weekly delivery of various microgreens!

Microgreen Silver


A Weekly delivery of 3 microgreens


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