The Journey to Food Security

Newfoundland imports over 90% of its food, the product we receive is packed full of pesticides and chemicals to preserve it on the long journey from the US, Mexico or beyond.

By the time the food for our province arrives, it has lost most of its nutrients, flavors, and shelf life, while delivering a heavy carbon price from the trucks, planes or boats that bring it here.

When it is finally sold to consumers, the import expenses result in extremely high costs for poor quality, nutrient-deficient products.

Hydroponics and Vertical Farming is the solution Newfoundland needs to combat our food security emergency.

Our Mission

The objective of Green Farm Innovations is to provide healthy and affordable produce to the residents of Newfoundland and Labrador year-round, using hydroponics. ‍

Producing vegetables and herbs using our methods will drastically reduce the carbon footprint related to Newfoundland’s food production and consumption. We will be providing food that has a much longer shelf life than the current alternatives, contains far more nutrients and is preservative-free.

We desire to be a leader in the inevitable and overdue revolution in food production and environmental conservation that will help Canadians live in harmony with our natural environment while also providing healthy, affordable food to its people.

Newfoundland only has a 2-3 day supply of produce if the ferries are delayed.

Newfoundland has the lowest number of farms of any Canadian province.

Transforming Communities

Billions of dollars leave the province each year to import food to the province. By localizing food production, revenue from food consumption remains in the province and benefits the local economy.

Increasing food security will provide jobs for many locals and will stimulate rural economies as we expand our reach across the province.

Newfoundland & Labrador will also see savings on importing goods through food supply lines (ferries, docks, transport trucks, supply planes), which also

means a much lower carbon footprint associated with our products.

Increasing access and affordability to a balanced, nutrient-rich diet will lead to millions in savings on health care due to widespread decreases in diet-related illnesses.

Green Farm Innovations uses more aspects of science and engineering innovation to take these already revolutionary food production techniques and make them even more efficient. This extreme production density in combination with short transportation routes makes this type of cultivation far cheaper and faster than conventional Agriculture. Making the price for our higher quality products fall over time as our business grows, and will eventually undercut the current market prices.

Our Why

Newfoundland is known to have above-average rates of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.

‍This is largely attributed to inaccessibility to healthy foods or their notoriously high prices on the island. Green Farm NL was created to solve a critical issue we face as Newfoundlanders, and we’re committed to servicing as much of the province as we can in the coming years. We hope to make Newfoundland a healthier, happier more livable place!


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