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We do this at competitive prices, with the convenience of direct-to-door delivery in the Metro St. John's area.


Our products are better tasting, longer lasting, and far more nutritious than any imported alternatives.

Food Security

We create access and stability to a range of fresh greens and herbs year-round, beyond what our local climate would conventionally allow. Our production is not affected by global affairs, recalls, nor extreme weather.


By producing food locally, huge amounts of carbon associated with transporting our food from long distances are offset. Even the products themselves produce less carbon in production compared to conventional commercial farming.

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Our Mission

The objective of Green Farm Innovations is to provide healthy and affordable produce to the residents of Newfoundland and Labrador year-round, using hydroponics and vertical farming.

Producing vegetables and herbs using our methods will drastically reduce the carbon footprint related to Newfoundland’s food production and consumption. We will be providing food that has a much longer shelf life than the current alternatives, contains far more nutrients and is preservative-free.

We desire to help change Newfoundland’s relationship to the food it consumes. Over 80% of our fresh food supplies rely on other provinces or countries, putting us in a troublesome position if there are supply chain issues. Strained access to healthy greens has led our province to have some of the highest rates of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease in Canada, but we can do better! We can’t be blamed for our poor diet when healthy food is inaccessible or prohibitively expensive, so creating year-round access to affordable, local greens is a must!

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Our Recipes

Eating plenty of produce, especially leafy greens, is essential to any healthy diet. Often, people can struggle to eat enough...
We love getting pictures of the awesome meals our customers are making with our products, thanks to Chris and Ashely,...

Our Team

Thomas Fleming

Agriculture Specialist

Scott Neary


Charly Mini

Agriculture Specialist


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